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May Sweet Flip it.jpg
Have a Sweet Birthday630 viewsVicki G-Design Team05/01/12 at 01:18justyolie: What an AWESOME card!!
You deserve a treat TSOL.jpg
you deserve a treat!618 viewsemmielou04/30/12 at 22:10justyolie: Love how you scored down the middle!!!
SOL May Anything Popsicle Card.jpg
Anything's Popsicle Card649 viewsBeverly S.-Design Team04/30/12 at 22:09justyolie: Love this sentiment!!!
coffee break for Christmas442 viewslizterrazas11/09/11 at 03:06justyolie: Super adorable!!
SOL July Thinking Hammock Card.jpg
Wish You Were Here Card628 viewsBeverly S.-Design Team07/07/11 at 23:02justyolie: Your card is smiling at me! Love it!
JMS Beachy Invitation.jpg
Beachy Invitation773 viewsJeanne S-Design Team07/07/11 at 23:01justyolie: Love you the twine wrapped around the palm tree! F...
Erasing the board!562 viewsdebfelts-Design Team07/07/11 at 23:00justyolie: Are you kiddin' me? THIS IS FABULOUS!! So crea...
June-Bieber Boy Card.jpg
Leave it to Bieber!1110 viewsVicki G-Design Team06/01/11 at 04:19justyolie:
SOL June Friend Card.jpg
Hello My Friend Card804 viewsBeverly S.-Design Team05/31/11 at 23:53justyolie: simply adorable!
755 viewsadmin05/31/11 at 22:14justyolie: OMG! I love them!!
Strawberry and chocolate, yum!583 viewsJannarama05/31/11 at 11:24justyolie: Wonderful card!
Lime Chevron.jpg
Lime Chevron Thank You!276 viewsemmielou05/31/11 at 00:59justyolie:
JMS Sundae.jpg
Everyday's a Sundae506 viewsJeanne S-Design Team05/31/11 at 00:58justyolie:
Celebrate459 viewsbumpy_3805/27/11 at 21:11justyolie: delicious!
Break out Chickadee!525 viewsFrom Valeries Heart05/16/11 at 13:53justyolie: Wow, so creative to use different stamp sets...
16th Birthday Card with insert524 viewsCaroline's Crafts05/14/11 at 16:09justyolie: What a great card and the use of twine ...
JMS Need Ice Cream.jpg
Need Ice Cream!981 viewsJeanne S-Design Team04/30/11 at 20:15justyolie:
JMS Ice Cream.jpg
Ice Cream!959 viewsJeanne S-Design Team04/30/11 at 20:15justyolie:
JMS Welcome Home.jpg
Welcome!1004 viewsJeanne S-Design Team04/01/11 at 01:35justyolie:
Welcome Trees.jpg
Welcome to the Neighborhood!1006 viewsJeanne S-Design Team04/01/11 at 01:34justyolie:
April-Vick Garrett- Welcome House Frame.jpg
Welcome to our home1009 viewsVicki G-Design Team04/01/11 at 01:34justyolie:
April-Vicki Garrett Colourful Houses.jpg
Colourful Houses1788 viewsVicki G-Design Team04/01/11 at 01:34justyolie:
March Birthday Invitation.jpg
Simple invitation to match Birthday ensemble547 viewsVicki G-Design Team03/27/11 at 01:00justyolie: Fabulous invite!
Happy Spring530 viewsstephanie93203/20/11 at 12:23justyolie: Beautiful card!
PDC vintage birthday.jpg
vintage birthday...619 viewsemmielou03/11/11 at 14:49justyolie: WOW! Gorgeous card!!
Celebrate Cake TSOL.jpg
Celebrate!1215 viewsemmielou03/01/11 at 15:12justyolie: Fabulous!
Let's Eat Cake!1171 viewsdebfelts-Design Team03/01/11 at 15:12justyolie: gorgeous!
Black & Yellow Snowman Merry Christmas for a Steelers Fan.jpg
Steelers Fan Snowman Merry Christmas {black & yellow}392 viewsFayleen Tonkin02/27/11 at 20:59justyolie: Such a cute card!
new pictures 001.jpg
583 viewssharon (uk)02/27/11 at 20:33justyolie:
Sending You ...574 viewsbumpy_3802/06/11 at 03:46justyolie:
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