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Have a Ball254 viewsstampwithkristine07/25/17 at 07:30Nicole Douthit: Love It! Such a bright & cheery card
Surf's Up231 viewsRachel A.07/23/17 at 06:57vanessab: so awesome
My Sunshine241 viewsstampwithkristine07/23/17 at 06:55vanessab: love all the surfboards
Have a Ball254 viewsstampwithkristine07/23/17 at 06:55vanessab: cute!
Hello210 viewslcapone07/20/17 at 07:16vanessab: love the sandpaper
Have a Ball219 viewslcapone07/20/17 at 07:16vanessab: cute!
Summer Dreams668 viewsdebfelts-Design Team05/06/14 at 21:23PaddleGal: Beautiful!
Surf's Up!274 viewswilsonarts07/28/11 at 07:48ColleenF: Love it!
have a sunny day! card339 viewsgscrapbooks06/21/11 at 15:48Caroline's Crafts: Don't quite understand how the card works, but...
Life's a Beach359 viewsandreasscraps05/01/11 at 06:15lauralooloo-Design Team: this is darling! i love the look of the colored in...
cards 065.jpg
life's a beach334 viewsstinkydog01/11/11 at 12:59Stephanie Barnard: Picture Perfect!! Looks like a piece of art! Hugs!
Have a Surf's Up Day!369 viewsJannarama07/30/10 at 22:16Jannarama: I used the 'flip flop' stamps to make foot...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Stephanie Barnard !!408 viewsMaryNSC07/26/10 at 23:38Stephanie Barnard: Thanks Mary you are so sweet! Hugs Stephanie
Have a Ball!392 viewsstampindeva07/26/10 at 21:01Rosemary D: super cute card!
Cassidy's Creation (Age 8)350 viewsAmie07/25/10 at 11:11Stephanie Barnard: I love it Cassidy! It makes me want to go to the ...
Cassidy's Creation (Age 8)350 viewsAmie07/24/10 at 19:24joankrebs: Good job Cassidy! Love those little fish!
Beach with beach border.jpg
A Summer Thanks!364 viewsKparco07/23/10 at 10:01ColleenF: Great job on this card, I didn't want to attem...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Stephanie Barnard !!408 viewsMaryNSC07/20/10 at 23:49MaryNSC: the Hummer is a SVG Cut from SVGCUTS it was free.....
Monster Castle cards.JPG
Monster Castle Cards386 viewssmiletoday07/19/10 at 18:09lizhagag: very creative and wierd at the same time lol
Card Patterns.jpg
Have a Sunny Day!331 viewsdjaquay07/19/10 at 14:55ColleenF: So cute
JMSTSOL My Sunshine copy.jpg
You are my Sunshine602 viewsJeanne S-Design Team07/09/10 at 17:55Jannarama: Is the fish shadowed or is there foam tape under i...
laura williams TSOL july sunny day simple.jpg
Have a Sunny Day!646 viewslauralooloo-Design Team07/09/10 at 17:53Jannarama: Very cute! Great coordinating ribbon!
My Sunshine404 viewsdanni07/08/10 at 05:48debfelts-Design Team: SO adorable! I love the rainbow ribbon!
Flip Flop Hello___.jpg
Flip Flop Hello...826 viewsemmielou07/06/10 at 22:31Stephanie Barnard: Ditto!! Everycard needs a little "BLING"...
Surf's Up___.jpg
Surf's Up550 viewsemmielou07/06/10 at 22:30Stephanie Barnard: Makes me want to hit the beach!! CUTE!! HUGS!!
laura williams TSOL july sunny day simple.jpg
Have a Sunny Day!646 viewslauralooloo-Design Team07/02/10 at 09:43emmielou: LOVE it!
Surf's Up!525 viewsjoana1n-Design Team07/02/10 at 09:42emmielou: Love the layered circles behind the surfboard!
Have a Sunny Day Box584 viewsJenGallacher - DT Member07/02/10 at 09:42emmielou: This box is so darn cute! Love it!
Welcome Sunshine638 viewsTami Mayberry07/02/10 at 09:41emmielou: Totally adorable! Love the DP you used for the sun...
Summer Dreams668 viewsdebfelts-Design Team07/02/10 at 09:40emmielou: This is fabulous!
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