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Stamps of Life Eggs4Easter Card 7.jpg
Oval Easter Basket648 viewsematson02/17/10 at 20:13LauraM540: Super cute!! Love it!
Easter Wishes848 viewsdanni02/14/10 at 23:09mdferri: these buttons flowers are just adorable. very cute...
Hello Chickadee.jpg
Hello Chickadee2357 viewsVicki G-Design Team02/14/10 at 23:04mdferri: seriously cute and great colors!
JMS C4C Love You copy.jpg
Love You980 viewsJeanne S-Design Team02/14/10 at 23:03mdferri: gorgeous ribbon and the chick is so sweet. great c...
Easter Basket card894 viewsematson02/14/10 at 23:02mdferri: what an adorable basket! Love it.
Happy Easter730 viewspitamamma02/14/10 at 23:01mdferri: very cute how you stamped on the envelope!
Easter Wishes.JPG
Easter Wishes806 viewsRosemary D02/14/10 at 22:58mdferri: very pretty and soft!
Stamps of Life Eggs4Easter Card 3.jpg
Hey Chickadee865 viewsematson02/14/10 at 21:00mdferri: love these soft colors -- adorable!
re sized 101_5186.JPG
814 viewsTnmomx302/14/10 at 00:31lilly2: Your card is fantastic! looking forward to more.
Hello Chickadee.jpg
Hello Chickadee2357 viewsVicki G-Design Team02/10/10 at 20:21emmielou: Super cuteness!
Easter Basket card894 viewsematson02/10/10 at 20:19emmielou: LOVE this!
re sized 101_5186.JPG
814 viewsTnmomx302/10/10 at 19:46Tnmomx3: Thanks danni. I love this site. You have some wo...
Laura Williams SB Feb 1.jpg
Happy Easter1426 viewslauralooloo-Design Team02/10/10 at 08:15ematson: Super cute!
Hi!1873 viewsdebfelts-Design Team02/10/10 at 08:12ematson: Love this!
Chick Chat Card1156 viewsBeverly S.-Design Team02/10/10 at 08:11ematson: Very cute!
Easter Wishes848 viewsdanni02/08/10 at 23:46lilly2: Your cards are always so special,this is darling. ...
re sized 101_5186.JPG
814 viewsTnmomx302/08/10 at 23:33danni: You need to upload more cuz this is adorable! Lov...
easter blessings card_small1.jpg
Easter blessings card708 viewsmdferri02/08/10 at 23:32danni: Just the colors & bling!
happy easter card_small.jpg
happy easter card785 viewsmdferri02/08/10 at 23:31danni: Such a bright happy card!
Happy Easter730 viewspitamamma02/08/10 at 23:30danni: The envelope is as cute as your card!
Happy Easter734 viewspitamamma02/08/10 at 23:30danni: So happy & cute!
Happy Birthday Mum 2010.jpg
693 viewschrissiescrap7202/08/10 at 23:29danni: So creative!
Easter Basket card894 viewsematson02/08/10 at 23:29danni: How creative and how adorable!
JMS C4C Love You copy.jpg
Love You980 viewsJeanne S-Design Team02/08/10 at 23:28danni: i LOVE this! Amazing...
Quick Chickadee Glitter Easter Wishes Card762 viewscard-topia02/08/10 at 23:27danni: Cute!
HELLO CHICKADEE-- EGGS 4EASTER752 viewsKardluvr02/08/10 at 23:27danni: Awww...cute!
701 viewsBecky049002/08/10 at 23:26danni: This LO is just so sweet!
Happy Easter "Egg" Card1109 viewsBeverly S.-Design Team02/08/10 at 23:26danni: So stinkin' cute!
1110 viewsBeverly S.-Design Team02/08/10 at 23:25danni: Cute & Funny!
Easter Wishes Tag Card1233 viewsBeverly S.-Design Team02/08/10 at 23:25danni: Such a bright happy card!
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