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Easter candy boxes457 viewsColleenF07/06/10 at 22:42Stephanie Barnard: Just adorable!!! I love these boxes!! HUGS!!
Easter Cross606 viewssharon (uk)04/03/10 at 08:21sharon (uk): thanks stephanie i really enjoyed making this card...
Easter Buckle Card589 viewsclubmember04/02/10 at 12:33Stephanie Barnard: Very unique combination of colors!! I love it!
All My Love Easter.jpg
All My Love646 viewsMom2Maya04/02/10 at 12:32Stephanie Barnard: I just love this card! So cute!!
Easter Cross606 viewssharon (uk)03/29/10 at 18:10Stephanie Barnard: WOW! LOVE IT!!!!
easter card.JPG
Easter cutie595 viewsJenniferW03/29/10 at 18:09Stephanie Barnard: Little chick is sitting down! How Cute!!!
Chickadee Happy Easter656 viewscard-topia03/29/10 at 18:09Stephanie Barnard: CUTE!!!!
easter card.jpg
536 viewsvontinney03/29/10 at 18:08Stephanie Barnard: Love the bright eggs!
easter chick card525 viewssharon (uk)03/29/10 at 18:08Stephanie Barnard: CUTE! I love how the chick is hiding in the eggs!...
Easter card453 viewsJoyce03/29/10 at 18:07Stephanie Barnard: Love the little chick's legs! She looks like ...
Smith Easter 2010.JPG
Easter Card 1487 viewsauntjen503/21/10 at 21:35Vee:
Easter Wishes.JPG
Easter Wishes806 viewsRosemary D03/17/10 at 12:38emmielou: Love this card!
Easter favor box.jpg
Easter Favor Box575 viewskellyrose490@aol.com03/03/10 at 14:46clubmember: That is about the cutest project ever, love it!
101_5189 (2).JPG
Hand Made Binder654 viewsTnmomx302/27/10 at 23:42joankrebs: Thanks for a great suggestion! Now - what can I do...
laura williams SB feb 4.jpg
Easter Wishes1467 viewslauralooloo-Design Team02/22/10 at 16:42clubmember: cute idea to have the chick popping out of the egg...
Stamps of Life Eggs4Easter Card 2.jpg
Tall Chick691 viewsematson02/22/10 at 16:29clubmember: Cute idea to stretch the one chick, nice effect!
Whats Up677 viewsMaryNSC02/22/10 at 16:27clubmember: Beautiful work!
Chick Chat Card1156 viewsBeverly S.-Design Team02/17/10 at 20:22LauraM540: Super cool card! Great colors!
Easter Wishes Tag Card1233 viewsBeverly S.-Design Team02/17/10 at 20:21LauraM540: Cute ideas!! Very springy colors
1110 viewsBeverly S.-Design Team02/17/10 at 20:21LauraM540: Very cute!! Love the bold colors!
JMS C4C Love You copy.jpg
Love You980 viewsJeanne S-Design Team02/17/10 at 20:20LauraM540: adorable!! Love the ribbon!
Easter Basket card894 viewsematson02/17/10 at 20:20LauraM540: Very cool!
Happy Birthday Mum 2010.jpg
693 viewschrissiescrap7202/17/10 at 20:19LauraM540: Aw, such a cute idea!! Love it!!
Stamps of Life Eggs4Easter Card 3.jpg
Hey Chickadee865 viewsematson02/17/10 at 20:18LauraM540: Very cute card!! The colors work well together! Lo...
Easter egg wishes.jpg
Easter Egg Wishes...836 viewsemmielou02/17/10 at 20:18LauraM540: Cute card!! Pink and green is one of my favorite c...
happy easter chick789 viewslizhagag02/17/10 at 20:16LauraM540: Cute idea...i love the colors, the background pape...
689 viewsmaxineb196902/17/10 at 20:15LauraM540: Cute colors!! Love the border
44 cents flat!724 viewsdebfelts-Design Team02/17/10 at 20:15LauraM540: Very cute! Love the pink chick!
Stamps of Life Eggs4Easter Card 6.jpg
Square Easter677 viewsematson02/17/10 at 20:14LauraM540: Very cool, I love the simple cards!!
Stamps of Life Eggs4Easter Card 2.jpg
Tall Chick691 viewsematson02/17/10 at 20:14LauraM540: Cute idea!! Love the flower too
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