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Oh Snap front.jpg
Oh Snap Front2297 viewsJeanne S-Design Team
Doodle Hello.jpg
Doodle Flower Hello 2455 viewsJeanne S-Design Team
Doodle Hello inside.jpg
Doodle Flower Hello inside2562 viewsJeanne S-Design Team
Fly High Card.jpg
Fly High Butterfly2405 viewsWorkingMom
Happy Summer!2300 viewsdebfelts-Design Team
Have a sweet day!2343 viewsdebfelts-Design Team
sweet day front.jpg
Sweet Day 3353 viewsJeanne S-Design Team
sweet day inside.jpg
Sweet Day inside2987 viewsJeanne S-Design Team
Love Bird Flip Card TSOL.jpg
Love Flip it card-outside2939 viewsemmielou
Inside love bird flip card.jpg
Love Flip it card-inside2762 viewsemmielou
Christmas flip card TSOL.jpg
Christmas Flip it card-outside3707 viewsemmielou
Christmas flip card open TSOL.jpg
Merry Christmas Flip it card-inside3562 viewsemmielou
Hoppy Birthday front~1.jpg
Hoppy Birthday front2323 viewsJeanne S-Design Team
Hoppy Birthday inside 2~1.jpg
Hoppy Birthday inside2536 viewsJeanne S-Design Team
Hoppy Birthday inside~1.jpg
Hoppy Birthday2702 viewsJeanne S-Design Team
Square Flip-its Card3828 viewsadmin
Square Flip-its Card (Inside)3213 viewsadmin
Car Flip Card TSOL.jpg
Vroom Vroom (outside)3345 viewsemmielou
Inside Car Flip Card.jpg
Vroom, Vroom!3550 viewsemmielou
Under the Weather4316 viewsTami Mayberry
Happy Holidays4958 viewsgscrapbooks
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