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Acrylic Frame desktop calendar818 viewsjoana1n-Design Team10/05/10 at 17:31danni: This is truly special!
Blue Monarch.jpg
Thankful Butterfly404 viewsemmielou10/05/10 at 17:30danni: Wow...stunning. I love your cards emmielou!
Spider Ransom.jpg
Trick Or Treat!429 viewsemmielou10/05/10 at 17:29danni: Adorable! Love this design!
326 viewsslickbrod10/05/10 at 17:28danni: Cute!
Fall Birthday Tree.jpg
Fall Birthday Tree!470 viewsemmielou10/05/10 at 17:27danni: Perfect for an autumn birthday!
Halloween treats358 viewsmaryyyy10/05/10 at 17:24danni: SO cute! I esp. like the pumpkin with the witch ha...
Halloween Holder.jpg
Treat Holder324 viewsK-Scraps10/05/10 at 17:22danni: adorable! LOVE it!
laura williams holly jolly holly flower soft.jpg
Have a Holly Jolly Christmas1091 viewslauralooloo-Design Team10/05/10 at 17:21danni: Simple but very elegant...beautiful!
laura williams our home ornament.jpg
From our home to yours ornaments1051 viewslauralooloo-Design Team10/05/10 at 17:19danni: This is really pretty! I just love your design &am...
laura williams CPS TSOL.jpg
From our home to yours (single ornament)997 viewslauralooloo-Design Team10/05/10 at 17:18danni: Oh...beautiful!
red black ornament.jpg
From Our home To Yours...1118 viewsemmielou10/05/10 at 17:17danni: So elegant. The bow reminds me of a tuxedo at a ve...
Red bird ornament front.jpg
Red Bird Ornament-front1014 viewsemmielou10/05/10 at 17:16danni: Just beautiful!
Red bird ornament back.jpg
Red Bird Christmas ornament-back1012 viewsemmielou10/05/10 at 17:15danni: Totally love this!
Holly Jolly Christmas.jpg
Have a Holly Jolly Christmas1020 viewsemmielou10/05/10 at 17:14danni: Adorable!
{joy}1164 viewsdebfelts-Design Team10/05/10 at 17:13danni: I LOVE this unique twist. And your coloring is per...
Trio of Ornaments1036 viewsdebfelts-Design Team10/05/10 at 17:11danni: Could your bow be any more perfect??? Gorgeous!
Christmas Holly1165 viewsdebfelts-Design Team10/05/10 at 17:10danni: Perfect! I remember those holly leaves too. Love t...
Gift Tag1015 viewsdebfelts-Design Team10/05/10 at 17:08danni: Oh wow, this is absolutely gorgeous!
{JOY} ornament1038 viewsjoana1n-Design Team10/05/10 at 17:07danni: Yes...this is stunning
Merry Ornament card934 viewsjoana1n-Design Team10/05/10 at 17:07danni: Awesome 3D card! Love the bright cheery colors too...
October Holly Jolly.jpg
Getting Jolly With Holly1188 viewsVicki G-Design Team10/05/10 at 17:05danni: Gorgeous! I LOVE this card!
October Parfait Christmas.jpg
Christmas Parfait1091 viewsVicki G-Design Team10/05/10 at 17:02danni: Oooh love this one. The pink & black really ma...
cards 129.jpg
candy corn ATC's357 viewsstinkydog10/05/10 at 17:01danni: What cute idea! Maybe I'll make another set o...
The Sky's The Limit316 viewsjaycee091310/05/10 at 16:59danni: So cute & happy
crinkled flower hello!.jpg
crinkled flower hello!446 viewsemmielou09/07/10 at 13:35danni: Fantastic idea! Thanks for the directions. I'm...
Happy Halloween!772 viewsdebfelts-Design Team09/07/10 at 13:29danni: Love the pairing of the purple with the traditiona...
Sucker!743 viewsdebfelts-Design Team09/07/10 at 13:28danni: Adorable! Like the spooky aged look you achieved ~...
Window Spiders Card860 viewsBeverly S.-Design Team09/07/10 at 13:26danni: Cool idea! Love the lacey spider web windowshade t...
Stamps of Life Two.jpg
Hi Circles Card732 viewsBeverly S.-Design Team08/04/10 at 01:11danni: This is gorgeous! Fantastic design & perfect c...
Happy650 viewsjoana1n-Design Team08/04/10 at 01:08danni: Another bright & happy card! Love the color ch...
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