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JMS Frog Friends.jpg
Froggy Friends389 viewsJeanne S-Design Team06/03/21 at 12:28LuvYou: So cute!
Halloween Fun!798 viewsAnna Wight: Design Team09/06/19 at 05:46Katz29: Soo cute!
Frog birthday210 viewsSkamp06/06/17 at 20:24vanessab: adorable!
JMS My Pad.jpg
sayings4froggy499 viewsJeanne S-Design Team01/14/17 at 12:33Pammylou: Designing an "out of the box" (...) Day ...
November Krafty Frog.jpg
Krafty Frog937 viewsVicki G-Design Team01/14/17 at 12:31Pammylou: Great tone-on-tone background design with cute col...
Hoppy Christmas959 viewsTami Mayberry01/14/17 at 12:28Pammylou: This is such a cute card! Great one to make with y...
JMS CPS243 Toad You So.jpg
I Toad You So879 viewsJeanne S-Design Team01/14/17 at 12:27Pammylou: Very cute idea! The brown stripes might be replace...
A Hoppy Good Time!896 viewsdebfelts-Design Team01/14/17 at 12:25Pammylou: Now, here's a very cute card! Love it! Added ...
JMS Hoppy Holidays copy.jpg
Hoppy Holidays1044 viewsJeanne S-Design Team01/14/17 at 12:24Pammylou: Love the shading on froggie. Such a cute idea with...
SOL November Toad You So Card.jpg
Toad You So Card855 viewsBeverly S.-Design Team01/14/17 at 12:22Pammylou: Design is cute but the shades of green don't ...
SOL November Croak Card.jpg
Get Well Soon Card898 viewsBeverly S.-Design Team01/14/17 at 12:21Pammylou: Simple design but very cute. The colors are great ...
Ribbbit!1032 viewsdebfelts-Design Team01/14/17 at 12:19Pammylou: Such a cute idea! Go froggie!
TSOL November 006 copy.jpg
Thinking of You828 viewsunderstandblue01/14/17 at 12:17Pammylou: Love it! The froggy is thinking of another froggie...
SOL November Ribbet Circle Card.jpg
Good Time Card948 viewsBeverly S.-Design Team01/14/17 at 12:15Pammylou: I saw your card and just had to order this stamp a...
thankful frog259 viewsCC12/06/15 at 08:50vanessab: adorable!
mistle-toad299 viewsCC12/06/15 at 08:49vanessab: ha. loooove it!!
mistle-toad299 viewsCC12/05/15 at 20:20lcapone: Clever and adorable!
mistle-toad299 viewsCC12/03/15 at 21:55Stamping Hens: This is so clever love, love, love it
thankful frog259 viewsCC12/03/15 at 21:51Stamping Hens: This card makes me smile
mistle-toad299 viewsCC12/03/15 at 10:58CC: I think Stephanie needs a (...) set!
Have A Hoppy Christmas438 viewsCindy Malone12/03/15 at 10:32vanessab: ohmygosh. sooooooo cute!!!!
Have A Hoppy Christmas438 viewsCindy Malone12/03/15 at 07:13CC: so cute & clever!
Ribbbit!1032 viewsdebfelts-Design Team12/03/15 at 06:45CC: awesome!
Worry worts235 viewsandreasscraps11/15/14 at 23:23vanessab: cute!!
Somebody Toad Me--Emily Thubbron230 viewsEmily Thubbron05/12/14 at 12:52Emily Thubbron: Emily Thubbron
Hoppy Birthday368 viewsandreasscraps07/21/13 at 14:20Anna Wight: Design Team: I LOVE this!! TOAD-ally cute....
caleb 4.JPG
HoppyBirthday308 viewsBarbg04/18/12 at 15:30MurroeMom: This is such a sweet set of photos! Your grandson ...
Hoppy Birthday297 viewsBonzi10004/06/12 at 00:182010pattyc: its such a cute card
thank you 1 compressed.jpg
252 viewsJulia Nowosielska03/12/12 at 16:59Julia Nowosielska: Thank you. It's glitter! lots of glitter
thank you 1 compressed.jpg
252 viewsJulia Nowosielska03/11/12 at 12:22mgpm: gorgeous, what is that sparkly stuff!?!?
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