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A Pumpkin Man698 viewsBonzi10002/12/11 at 10:21Cupcake Diva: THat is DARLING.....what a great idea!
Clay Oct_ 2010 056.jpg
Happy Halloween328 viewssdgaines196610/14/10 at 08:11ColleenF: Cute candy corn people!
Fall into Autumn 003.JPG
298 viewsCupcake Diva10/08/10 at 11:08JoPuttPutt: Adorable!!!!!!!!!!! Saving to the favorites!!! :-...
Spider Ransom.jpg
Trick Or Treat!429 viewsemmielou10/05/10 at 17:29danni: Adorable! Love this design!
326 viewsslickbrod10/05/10 at 17:28danni: Cute!
Halloween treats358 viewsmaryyyy10/05/10 at 17:24danni: SO cute! I esp. like the pumpkin with the witch ha...
Halloween Holder.jpg
Treat Holder324 viewsK-Scraps10/05/10 at 17:22danni: adorable! LOVE it!
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candy corn ATC's357 viewsstinkydog10/05/10 at 17:01danni: What cute idea! Maybe I'll make another set o...
happy halloween304 viewslizhagag10/05/10 at 13:04Cupcake Diva: That is very creative!!! Very cool looking popup!
hang in there.jpg
Hang in There395 viewsJean09/30/10 at 17:49edeehowell: Simple but cute!
Halloween Classroom Treats421 viewsstephanie93209/29/10 at 15:06stephanie932: I'm going to try to come up with something sim...
Boo302 viewseiyiyi09/28/10 at 20:21soprettycards: love it
Super Scary343 viewsStephanie M09/28/10 at 20:20soprettycards: so cute, I cant even say what I like best about it...
Cards2010 005.JPG
Treats for You339 viewsRosemary D09/28/10 at 20:18soprettycards: very cute, I like the way you inked the pumpkin
309 viewsslickbrod09/28/10 at 19:07ColleenF: I like the silver embossed web.
Halloween Classroom Treats421 viewsstephanie93209/28/10 at 14:25emmielou: What a great treat holder! I am so going to steal...
Halloween Classroom Treats421 viewsstephanie93209/28/10 at 08:08Elaine: Fun treat holder!
Dotty Boo.jpg
820 viewsVicki G-Design Team09/26/10 at 18:08JoPuttPutt: CUTE * CUTE * CUTE !! Adding this to Favorites!!
JMSTSOL Boo copy.jpg
Boo!744 viewsJeanne S-Design Team09/26/10 at 18:04JoPuttPutt: Love this!!
stmpslifewitch puppy.jpg
Cookie as a witch393 viewssoprettycards09/26/10 at 17:55JoPuttPutt: Aaw....adorable!! I'm sure Stephanie would ag...
Border Ghosts Card697 viewsBeverly S.-Design Team09/26/10 at 06:20JoPuttPutt: SO Cute!! Adding this to the 'favorites'!!
Happy Halloween Card410 viewsdanni09/24/10 at 10:53emmielou: LOVE this card!
Boo363 viewsColleenF09/24/10 at 10:51emmielou: This is darling!
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Happy Halloween337 viewsDannette09/22/10 at 15:36ColleenF: Cute ghost, like your paper colors too.
stmpslifewitch puppy.jpg
Cookie as a witch393 viewssoprettycards09/22/10 at 00:32Dannette: oh my gosh, so darn cute!
Super Scary343 viewsStephanie M09/22/10 at 00:31Dannette: Adorable creation!
Super Scary343 viewsStephanie M09/20/10 at 17:04emmielou: Cute as can be!
Cards 082310 058.jpg
Happy Halloween407 viewssusanm09/19/10 at 09:11chick256: I agree that web is genious
Cards 082310 065.jpg
Candy Corn Flower376 viewssusanm09/18/10 at 17:10findlaygirl: Clever! Wish I were so creative
Spider Ransom.jpg
Trick Or Treat!429 viewsemmielou09/18/10 at 16:59ColleenF: This is so cute, love your colors!
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